Wednesday, 31 March 2010

If I could wear you I would...

OK, this is not the first time that I have gone off on one about sweets and (specifically) macarons, and it probably wont be the last. This is something you will just have to deal with. I don't think its going to be particuarly hard.
Since I went to Paris, Land of the Macarons and FAILED bigtime to get any proper ones (I don't think supermarket jammy ones count, Arianne!) Ive pretty much been lusting after them since I got back. This basically just entails a mammoth google images/flickr marathon where I end up practically licking the screen... drool. Its sort of funny since my whole love for the tiny melt in your mouth treat is the elegance around them...

Although the aesthetics of them is also a huge pull for me, which brings me to the whole point of this post... WEARABLE MACAROONS!!!!!!! Hells to the yeah!!! My first stop was Etsy, where I found these Macaron soaps, and these mini dollhouse ones, which make me diiiee!!
From there I headed to The French Factory where you can get macaron charms and jewellry which is sooo cute. I think I particuarly enjoyed the rings.
But honestly, none of this stuff compares to the wearable macarons I was dreaming about constantly in Paris... The Nike Air Royalty macaron line.... oh maaaannnnn.
Talk about dream shoes... I need those pistachio ones... NOW!
According to Susie Bubble they even came with a box of Ladurees... soo jelly.
So yes, thats that, I want to live my life covered in candy coloured almond mirangue...bring it on...

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Everybody knows this is Nowhere

You know what, I really fucking love Ryan McGinley. First of all his Moonmilk series blew me away with its beautiful gentleness and amazing locations.His new series takes a step back from the focus on the environment, and instead Everybody Knows This is Nowhere focuses on the human condition in a series of black and white portraits. The show is running at the moment in New York, so if youre lucky enough to be there, GO! 

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Softly, they creep softly.

Over the weekend I've sort of developed a fascination/crush on stop motion animation. It started with this wonder, Lost Things by Angela Kohler and Ithyle Griffiths. I like it because although it is sort of trendy, it still has this sort of imperfect quality about it which makes it rather charming. Plus some of the effects in it are just stunning. The music is by A Fine Frenzy.

On sharing this with my Facebook pals, the ever wonderful Arianne alerted me to the work of her brother Huw Churchman who is currently studying stopmotion animation himself. So rad, I fully would love to do it. Heres his first animation Stop Motion Animation Hero! (I don't think its actually called that, but I like it, no?). My favourite thing about this is the spider fingers. Awesome!

Also reccomended by Arianne, via Huw, is this work, Next: The Infinate Variety Show, by Barry Purves. Honestly the work that must have gone into this is astonishing. I think its so charming, and gives me a real warm sense of nostalgia. Perhaps the fact it was made the year I was born adds to this! Its so complex with not one dull moment.

This is just a cute little short I found on YouTube by Pes called Western Spaghetti. The sounds and colours in it are fantastic, I just love how imaginative it is.

And finally, I found this, the absolutely stunning Madame Tutli-Putli by Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski. Not only is the 17 minute long "Hitchcockian" story full of creepster mystery and surreal characters, as well as a beautifully arranged soundtrack, but visually it is a dreamtime treat for the wide awake. The colours remind me of a Jean Pierre Jeunet film, althought I don't really like to compare. The techniques they perfected in the animation, and thier extreme attention to detail meant it took almost five years to create. You must read about the process (here) as it sounds like such a labour of love it makes me adore the film even more. For example; To properly corrupt the look of the Thieves, their leather coats were buried in mud for over two weeks. The puppet eye effects demonstrate a first in the field of animation: a seamless, unnerving integration of human and puppet performance. The filmmakers were intent on creating a unique puppet language, imbuing their stop-motion characters with human responses. 
Lucky for us, YouTube has the full 17 minute feature as part of thier 'Screening Room'. So get comfortable, dismiss any distractions, and enjoy Madame Tutli-Putly...

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Paris, Je t'aime

Hey kids, Im off to Paris (!!!) tomorrow so the next few days will be scheduled posts. Stick around though because there is one that Im particuarly excited about coming in the next few days, aiiit.
Anyways, to get me even more in the mood (Ive been listening to the Amelie soundtrack on repeat for the ladt few days... hey its my first time in Paris, Im excited OK!!) here are some shots from one of my most favourite editorials, from American Vogue shot by Steven Miesel and styled by Grace Coddington. It features somewhat in The September Issue which makes me love it even more, GC is hilarious when shes bitching about Anna.
I also want to share with you my favourite segment of Paris, Je T'aime; 14e arrondissement by Alexander Payne. I could only find it in good quality with spanish subs so, heres a little something for the people of Spain. (Hi Beatrice!!!)

Hope you all have a great few days.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Urban Utopia

A few weeks ago I had some work in  a big exhibition put on in this huge empty office block. Basically it was put on by the owners of the building to attract potential buyers, however at the same time they managed to stage a great exhibition, and I don't think the focus was anywhere but on the art on the day of the private view. The exhibition showcased the work of UoR fine art students who were invited to submit a work or a proposal to be considored for submission, under the title Urban Utopia. I entered these masks which were featured in a film I made last year.

To maintain an Urban Utopia we must stay alive. My work confronts this ideal directly with a vision of mortality. Instead of being hidden in the back of one’s mind, the symbol of death – the skull – is brought to the surface in the form of a wearable mask. As a piece of costume my work invites the viewer to physically wear their own mortality. As an art object my work invites the viewer to come face to face with death. In doing so I propose you value the life you have left.

We have got to stay alive.   
I know the place looks pretty empty in the photo above, but trust me this place was massive!
I didnt get any other good pictures of other peoples work (I am so self obsessed, clearly) so you'll have to wait til I can find some from other people, ya.
 (Cardigan: Rodarte for Target, Black Skinny Jeans: H&M, Blue zip top: DIY funtimes, Rope Necklace: DIY funtimes)

Sunday, 21 March 2010

I Was a Beach Boy in My Youth.

Hai there, only me. Continuing my theme of posting about something everyone else in the world already has, only with more swears and worse grammar. Thats how I roll, bitches.
The new interview for Vice with Karl Lagerfeld is srsly one of the funniest/surreal interviews I've read in ages. Definately the strangest KL interview I have ever read. But then you would have to trust Vice to bring out this side of anyone... He is also interviewed by Bruce LaBruce, so maybe that says it all?
I have to say I have a Love/Hate sort of feeling towards Karl. Micheal K on Dlisted calls him Kunty Karl and I don't think thats exactly undeserved. However you also cannot deny the man is also fucking hilarious which sort of makes you forget how much of a cunt he is being and instead want to stand up and clap, knowhatimean? Anyway throughout the interview I changed my opinion of him more times than a costume change on Roseanne...
Here are some of my favourite quotes, great reading on a sunny sunday morning.

I’m a little shortsighted, and people, when they’re shortsighted, they remove their glasses and then they look like cute little dogs who want to be adopted.

I knew Francis Bacon; he was the sweetest man in the world, like a Middle English lady with the finger up drinking tea in Monte Carlo.

I don’t like that people butcher animals, but I don’t like them to butcher humans either, which is apparently very popular in the world.

[On Fur] If you cannot afford it, just forget about it. Don’t use it as an investment piece to show people how rich you are. Use it like a cheap knitted thing. It’s like a big stone. Lucky you that you can have a big stone, but if it troubles you financially to have the stone, don’t have the stone. 

When I’m on the phone I talk, but I really want to be alone to sketch, to work, and to read. I am reading like a madman because I want to know everything. 

There are very few important things, and they are not possessions.  

There was a famous man who had written about flies and insects, and I’m like the one who watches the insects. I prefer to see how drugs work on others. And I cannot smoke cigarettes. I need my hands for something else. When I was 14 I wanted to smoke because my mother smoked like mad. I wanted to smoke to look grown-up. But my mother said, “You shouldn’t smoke. Your hands are not that beautiful and that shows when you smoke.” 


Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Martin de Thurah

I have already raved about Martin de Thurah's work in past posts, however I dont think I properly gave him credit and so here is a whole post for his work! RAD!

I first came across his name after watching the Fever Ray video for 'When I Grow Up' which I love love love love love. However I think The first time I saw his work (unbeknown to me) was in Röyksopp's video for 'What Else is There' (of course also featuring the vocals of the amaaaaaazing Karin)

Of course as well as creating these amazing music videos he is a filmaker in his own right, making such short films as 'We Who Stayed Behind' and 'Young Man Falling'.

He even made a fucking IKEA advert into a work of beauty.

Here are some more of his music videos. I can't vouch for all the music like I can Fever Ray and Royksopp, but visually they are worth it!!


Monday, 15 March 2010

Fantastic Mr Fox

You know I actually sort of didn't like the Wes Anderson Fantastic Mr Fox. Theres a few reasons: The radical change of story (Roal Dahl is literally my favourite thing, I guess im protective), The Orangeness of the sets, the Americanization - the fact that the villains were English, the way they kept saying 'cuss' instead of fuck. Also (and most of all) the way he kept doing that stupid click whistle thing. Anyway yes I didnt like it. I didnt totally hate it either though. But yeah. (SORRY ARIANNE).
ANYWAYANYWAY ANYWAY this is not the point of this here blog post. I am basically showing you these pictures of the baby fox my mum fucking RESCUED last night! she basically nursed it back to health! thats some florence nightingale shit! Little foxy (or Pip as mam named him - I prefer Foxingtons) is now in a fox rescue centre where he will be rehabilitated and then released back into the wild. AW ITS JUST LIKE A LADYBIRD BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 12 March 2010


I just can't say goodbye

16 looks. Short, sweet and dignified. I get chills just looking at these images. I have so many questions which shall remained unanswered, so instead I declaire, Thank you Lee Alexander McQueen. May we all now rest easy, and may your legacy forever remain. Long Live McQ, in spirit and in vision. Forever. xxx

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Basic Space

Yup, she did it again.
Phoebe Philo is a fucking sorceress!!!!! I dont even know how to spell that shit!!!!
Seriously though, her last two shows have been golden. Her transition from nudes and camels to browns and monochromes has maintained its soft yet sharp sophistication everyone loved from Spring/Summer. I think she also maintained the perfecrt amount of leather.

Look at the shoulder detail, bottom left!!!!!!
My personal favourite looks of the collection came towards the end of the show:

Particuarl the above look, second from far left. Look at the collar!!!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Meltdown


So the Chanel show was today, and honestly I have to say it blew me away. I have to admit Ive never really paid much attention to Chanel before... its always the spectacle of the show I enjoy more than the actual clothes, but this time I really enjoyed both! Heres is an extremely cut seletion - 77 looks, shit what?

Two of my favourite looks, way cute? I really hope that they are shoes with latex socks rather than boots!

This last look was my favourite of the show, I love the fluidity of the top, so good! 

Dont have much left to say on it, after spending a million years cutting round all of these Ive sort of had a brain dry up... ask me again next week! Im off to watch Antichrist... wish me luck!

Its just a mirage...

That last post was a total accidental 'Publish Post' moment, but then I realised I didnt have anything interesting to say anyway that you couldnt read elsewhere so THERE WE GO.
Anway theres a few collections I DO want to talk about. You'll have to forgive if they come in dribs and drabs though, Im a busy bee, and Im about to buzz off to work.

Hello Hussein, my fashion soulmate, hows it going this season? Pretty rad, RIGHT?

Dear H, you don't have to pretend anymore. I know you pretend to make clothes just for rich women, but I know secretly you just want to make clothes just for me. This is what you should do anyways. At least make me some shiney bergundy chelsea boots yes pls. And a squiggly red snood. Do you think the first few looks are sort of what Alexander Wang was TRYING to do? I mean visually? :)

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

ahhhhh my gaaaad

HAPPY BLOGIRTHDAY!!!! one year today <3 Its been rad.

I was gonna fill this post up with oscar acceptance speeches, but on most of them embedding is disabled :( You gotta watch THIS ONE though.Charlize Theron winning for Monster is another favourite even though Kieran thinks I am the biggest saddo loserrrrr for crying along with her.

Anyway since that plan has failed.... LETS HAVE A FUCKING PARTY!

I love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

All kinds of observable differences.

Rodarte for Target lace cardigan, Old old handmedown (from my mum!) long sleeve collared Tshirt.

Ok so heres my accidental ebay purchase... Im not even lying!!! I bidded on it days ago not thinking I would win it, then I sort of regretted bidding since it was an impulse bid and I was thinking 'oh shit i actually don't have anything to wear with this!' pls I was thinking it would be totally feminine and stuff like this. Anyways then I sort of forgot about it and then I got an email from ebay saying Id won the item. ooooooops!
Anyway I have it now, and I would be lying if I said I don't totally love it. Ive been sort of dreaming about owning it ever since it hit the American blogasphere (how do you even spell that?) a few months ago.
Truth is I loved the Rodarte for Target collection. I love all the films it references. I love the colours and the textures. Fuck, I just love Rodarte. For reals. And I guess this is the closest Ill get to owning any of the real thing for a way long time so yeah. Plus I think with the right styling (I did just sort of throw this collared tshirt on for the photos, and my battery died before I got to try it with anything better) it will look good on me. Im sure. I hope. Fuck it Im gonna wear it anyway. Wooohooooo.

Monday, 1 March 2010

dem bones dem bones dem dry bones

Hai. Sorry I have been crap recently, but sometimes there is just nothing to talk about. Anyway I think Im out of my filthy mood now. And if I wasnt before, I certainly got it knocked out of me when I saw these.

DSquared2 fall 2010 shoes... Tooooooo rad.

More images from KateLovesMe:
Definately my favourite/the best shoes of the season so far, right?

OK now I have to go try on my accidental ebay purchase and then maybe Ill show you guys. But only if I can find something to wear with mustard lace. Oh you know what it is.