Sunday, 30 August 2009



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Saturday, 29 August 2009






ok ok ok i'll stop.

Yeah so you know how I was doing my LOVE review and I mentioned the Tavi mock cover? Well i was GOING to say Im glad they didnt go with that for LOVE because A) It didnt work as a cover so much and B) coz i had seen this new POP cover with her on and it is sooooooooo good.

I got the coloured butterfly cover, just coz yknow. I love how its a double cover issue. well actually theres four covers, one really limited edition hardback cover by ed rusha, and then this fucking ugly cover for the subscribers which I am so glad I aint.

Im gonna buy the other cover as well though because I like to keep my magazines PRISTINE (I will take a picture of them all on my shelf later), but i really really wanna cut this issue up. WOW its good. ok so I havent looked through it completely properly yet but I can just tell.

oh WOW and Tavi's styling is the BEST I HAVE SEEN IN SO LONG.

it really is exciting. Like I said, I wish I had a scanner with me.

ok hope youve all had a good day. buy pop asap.

oh by the way i saw the new i-D is out too but I didnt buy it since I wanted to stagger my holiday reading. yipeeeeee. xxxxxxxxxxxx

ps sorry for the picture. just tilt ya head k.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

this is whats going down

Im going away for a week so I wont be updating much in the next few days. Stick around tho K, its gonna be fun again soon.

I tried to find that song which is like 'I need a ha ha ha holiday...' but i think it actually goes 'i need a ha ha ha hide away'. and i couldnt find it anyway....


Dazed and Confused September issue

I know Im a million years late and probably the last person to do a review of the latest Dazed, but anyways here I go yo.

OK. So lets start with the obvious question first. why. the. fuck. is kristen stewart on the cover??? Yuck! She is so irrelevant to everything. and WHY does she ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS no matter what shes doing, saying, acting, ALWAYS pull that SAME FUCKING FACE???? honestly she must have been a botox baby or something because there is just nothing there. Am I just being a cunt? SRSLY!!!!! I aint even gonna talk about her feature inside because 1. I havent read it 2. I never will and 3. all it is, surprise suprise, is her pulling that same face. and all the big quotes on the page are just about fucking robert pattinson (is that his name?). oh YAWN.

OK now thats out of the way lets get on with it.

So unlike LOVE (see below), Dazed is full of editorial shots running throughout the magazine. However, Like LOVE it is also scattered with lots of small features on up and coming designers, collections, artists, shows, bands, actors, products etc etc. One of these that caught my eye was a short article on upcoming actor (I guess) Ezra Miller who I guess is like 15 or 16. Basically I just liked the picture.

Following this is a short editorial on '1980s inspired street style' or something. I swear Ive seen this same editorial so many times before, and the haircuts just get worse and worse and the models get dirtier and dirtier.

I REALLY LOVE THE HAIR HERE THOUGH!!!!! sweeeet!!!! The glasses are by Fabris Lane.

I like the next editorial alot too. I know this is another one of those thats been done so many times, but I think the styling in this piece is a pretty fresh look. There are a couple of shots I dont like, but overall its cool.

Next is a big feature on a band called The Big Pink who I havent really heard of, although I think I heard a song on the radio the other day and I think I thought it was ok. Oh wait, I just youtubed. its this song

Yeah it aint bad. Shit video but whateva ya know. anyway anyway anyway... really I havent read the article, just admired these pictures.

nice ya?

Then theres another article I also havent read (MAN! I AM SO BAD!) but I like these pix. something to do with archives, right?


Hate this so called vampire shoot. boring. also i think theyre shot pretty badly, I cant see any depth in the fabric or anything. I may as well be looking at a cardboard cut out. I think if youre going to do a boring shoot like this it really HAS to be all about the CLOTHES. just cant see em though.

I dont really get the references in the next shoot. Again it has something to do with archives, but I must be missing something. That pink iceburg coat has been everywhere. I like this page though.

I hate this one though. this girl gives me the bad kind of creepz.

NEXT!!!! MY FAVOURITE OF THE MAGAZINE!!! awwwh shit so cool! I love the model, shes like a female Nick Cave. Love the styling too. Just great, I think.

More boring menswear. I just think they could have done so much better. I mean the inspiration is carravaggio for gods sake!! and this is the best they could do? They keep using that same kind of photoshop painty effect too. I like the chains in this one though.

and I do love the styling in his one.

The next feature again uses a same effect that keeps popping up. sort of cutty pastey collagey. its ok but nothing major.

This next menswear... Im sure they should have just merged this with that first lot (with the bad haircuts) and made a better amalgamated version of the both.

The last shoot features Bridget Hall and is quite slick but a bit fussy at the same time. (is that possible? well I didnt think it was but there you go). I love the jacket in this shot though.

And thats the end of it all, really. There follows the film book art and music reviews. Ill leave you with the last nice picture of the magazine, Katie Jarvis.

Gonna do some campaign reviews next. keep peel'd. xxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Macaulay Culkin was 29 today. Just an excuse to post this Terry Richardson picture. Isnt it like, the best?

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


hey kids, i scanned some pages from LOVE, check em out in my review xxxx

I cut like a buffalo

OH HEY! did I tell ya I got tickets for the dead weather in october? Well I totally did. Yay can't wait. Im now off to work (yay.), But when I get back we'll have some fun. in the mean time...

Monday, 24 August 2009


(I just finished writing this and I realised you probably need the issue with you to know what Im talking about half the time. IM SORRY! I have a way bad habit of typing what im thinking instead of thinking about what Im going to type and then making it sound good. See there I go again. BARE WITH ME YO)

OK I was super excited last week, i was travelling back home on a horrible train journey, but it was ok coz I had just hought the new issue of LOVE! I was happy too coz I had read it wasnt out til TODAY so I hadnt expected it to be there, but there it was. Also on thier blog last week they said there were some sneek previews at dover street market but I got it at liverpool st station so THERE! woop.
I got the Alex cover just coz it was a bit more interesting than the Coco one, although really neither covers did much for me, especially after the last one, i really liked the Beth Ditto cover. I still think they should have gone for the Aggy as the queen cover though. but anyway I digresss and yous are getting bored, so lets get on with it shall we kids?

OK first of all, Pixie Geldof is like so all over this issue. I dont know what to think about her. I really have strong dislikings for Peaches so half of me just feels like that instantly for her, and that shoot she did for this months Vogue (BLEUGH!) didnt help. However Im really swayed by this! she looks way hot in the SEX IS BORING photo too. Its sort of like a dirty CK ad.

One thing Ive noticed about LOVE is that its all like, one page of this another page of that. Like its really not like other magazines that use pages and pages. I like it since it gets lots more things in, and I dont get bored reading. Sometimes its annoying though, like on page 94 where Tavi is interviewing Jordan Wolfson. I mean her little written bit is way cute... but ONE question, with half an answer? really?

There follows lots of pages now featuring lots of nice little things to look at and wish you could afford to buy. And then a feature on that girl from Skins which i aint read and i aint gonna. She looks way horible in the pictures too, like a scarecrow Avril Lavigne. not good no no.

Then whats next? oh this page of creepy teens smiling. unnerving.

OH OK! why is everyone called Taylor in this magazine?

I quite like all the pixie geldof pictures. I mean they are all sort of generic and obvious and I am cool coz im smoking ya, but they are nice. I like the picture where Pixie is in the bushes. I think shes having a wee. I hope so.

And now Im gonna skip to TAVI! aw yay its nice isnt it. I know everyone on the internets has been throwing up so much about her (I dont think I mean that but whatever) saying shes some big prodigy or something, but really she IS so cool. I love her styling and I love how she looks like something out of Ramona Quimby. Nice interview too. Im gonna talk about that mock cover later.

hate all the 'posh and dosh' (or whatever is is) pictures. way boring and the girls all look way annoying.
LOVE the Dorothea pictures, theys nice.

Then we get to the main feature, all the kids. or all the AMAZING kids. It doesnt say why theyre amazing, but the pictures are ok. I like Charles and Ranya. Charles is a bit RIBBY though. Alex (the boy on the front) is way boring. all the pictures are him making an ashley olsen prune face, boring. oh god, and the next boy (Liam)... oh god. AHHH. so horrible to look at. Like I think the styling is just AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. like looking at someone else's sick in a dirty toilet. so awful. I might rip it out actually I hate when Im flipping through and it lands on that page.

the BOXER pages are my favourite in the magazine. I love the styling and the pictures and all the kids look just way cool. Especially all the girls. woah I love that.

Coco is hot, but I aint bothered about her. Bruce Weber pictures are nice but hes done better. I like him alot though.

I read the interview with the porn star. I dont know, I want to like her but I dont. Its funny how its all like 'Shes sooo smarts' because of the way shes doing what shes doing, but at the end of the day it is boring isnt it.

I havent read any of the 'America's sweethearts' thing coz I dislike all the featured people, more people called Taylor, miley cunty cirus, kirsten dull face. whatever right. and there is this REALLY creepy picture of these twins (I guess) called Milly and Becky Rosso. oh its SO twisted!!!

OK and then to end it all theres the Alexander Wang stuff. I have big love for Wang (hehe) but I dont like his shots. they really are dull you know. I like the gareth pugh trousers though, YAY!

SO this must have been so boring, Im fully sorry.

Buy the magazine though, its nice and thick and glossy and passes some time. and its only £5 which is nice coz i thought it was £6 and usually magazines this fat are.

UP NEXT... DAZED AND CONFUSED. yippeeeeee xxxxxxxx

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Some more things.

Im so annoyed, I used to have this huge old duffel coat, which is so what I want for this autumn, but i dumb threw it out last year! Maybe Ive just got a nicer image of it in my head than it actually was, since I threw it out and all. But yeah its so annoying.

Did you see Amy Winehouse withe the specials? check it.

way good!

I fell nodded off outside and my legs got burnt in the sun. Not good. but at least I finally got a bit of sleep ya.

I really havent slept at all

And thats what I should be doing now, but Ive just got all these things in my head so im just gonna word vomit them out. I'll be back later too okies.

First of all last night while i was half asleep trapped on a dance floor all i could think about was how much on a scale of one to ten i could get away with wearing the American apparel long underwear as actual trousers as part of my autumn wardrobe.

Secondly I just saw a baby deer and it fully reminded me of those tragic Stella McCartney campaigns. have you seen them? oh god theyre so trashy. The sad thing is they could have been really nice, but then they went and put all that disney shit over the top. what the fuck? silly. Also do you think the fox and the deer are taxidermy? Well I know Stella is some huge vegan and what not, but really think if theyre just super tame animals its so much worse than using taxidermy. i dunno i cant explain my logic behind that.

Nextly Ive been buying so many magazines (OK this is nothing new... but what IS new is...) so I thought I might as well do some reviews and what not, so stick around for that.

And lastly. I have taken so long to write this Ive forgotten everything else. Ill be back. xxxxxxxxx

Friday, 21 August 2009


Ive been thinking about my Autumn wardrobe. Right now its inspired by Where the wild things are, Those Comme des Garcons shoesies, Bunny Corcoran dead under the snow, and Rihanna's opening to this song.
So yah Im thinking black brogues, thick snoods (gonna start knitting asap), skulls, subtle tweeds/duffel coat, exaggerated body parts, big wrinkled socks, black, studs/rips. I dont know what I'll do with my hair yet. oh and before it gets too cold I want some gold shoes.

OK OK OK I realise I have completely jumped to winter. fuck it, I am impatient.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Exquisite bodies.

Woah! right?? I cannot fucking wait to see this, 'Exquisite Bodies' at the wellcome collection. its on until 18th october so check it out if you can. The image above:

Model of a pregnant woman by Jules Talrich
Paris, undated (late 19th century)

The Roca Collection includes a number of waxes made by Jules Talrich (1826-1904), the son of a French physician who became a celebrated anatomical model maker.

Talrich took over his father’s business making models in wax, plaster and other materials, and later became the official model maker for the Faculty of Medicine in Paris.

He established an anatomical museum in the Rue Rougemont and supplied models to the museum established by Doctor Spitzner and the Grand Panopticum de l’Univers.


yah ive been away for a few days, hence lack of updates. not that anyone cared. ya. xxx

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Where the wild things are.

Theres a new trailer!

I cant remember if ive talked about this already or not. but anyway I am so so so so so so so so so so so excited about seeing this!!! roll on december!!! just the trailer fills me with so much emotion. aw :)

Thursday, 13 August 2009

May as well continue the theme...

My cats been on the kill.

Anyway, I know my has been really boring and just about me the last few days, but stick around. Ive just been busy busy busy so I've just been throwing anything in really. yah.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Rabbit hearted girl

I found some roadkill today. A rabbit. or maybe a hare. I got it and bought it home and Ive just been taking some pictures and making films. really horrible but ive been feeling pretty inspired and I think ive got some good images/films. Im gonna be editing some stuff in the next few days. until then eat this.
Its completely unedited etc so, yknow. but there ya go. sorry if youre a rabbit lover. I am too really.