Monday, 29 June 2009

done now dead and gone

Maybe its all just part of my weird morbid fascinations, the likes of which I've been exploring in my latest video projects, but I always find there's something really aesthetically pleasing about the tributes and shrines left for dead celebrities etc. I remember when the Pope died especially, i loved all the religious paintings and candles left for him. I hate death, and even more hate the mass hysteria that often follows after a celebrity dies, but I am also really drawn to it artistically.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

workin 9 2 5

wot a way 2 mke a livin.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Now you're all gone got your make up on and you're not coming back.

Broken Social Scene - Anthem for a seventeen year old girl.

Song of the day. Ignore the video, I think. Its too obvious right? Just close your eyes and dream.

Monday, 22 June 2009

check it out yo

Thats shit as in HOT SHIT not OH SHIT!


Check out my new etsy shop motherfuckers! I sell hand knitted skull badges, patches and headbands and various colours. each is unique, so expect imperfections... click HERE to get your grubby paws on them..

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Free the birds!

WOW. Have you seen this yet?? To celebrate the 20th anniversary of her label, Lulu Guinness has designed this amazing bird handbag - which also happens to be fully automated. As a huge fan of the work of Hussein Chalayan, it is no wonder this bag excites me so, as it was created with Lulu by Adam Wright, who works a great deal with Chalayan. Go HERE and watch the 'behind the scenes' video of the making of the bag. 'mazin'.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Rainy days and sundays always get me down.

Actually it has been bloody hot today which is nice. Thats an old picture and actually I know I look awful in it. Evidentally it is Kieran's birthday tomorrow, so we're off to Thorpe park for the day which will be fun fun fun I am sure. I have been so pro active these last few weeks, doing things every day. Its getting to the point where I need a rest. Well I am heading back home to suffolk on friday for the summer. I get one day of rest at least before I start work. Im gonna be working like billy o this summer.
Siobhan just sent me a link to this here website lookbook. Im thinking of joining but I dont know. it is sort of everything I want to be and everything I hate all in one go. Actually you have to go through some random application before you can register on the site so I dont know if I will. You have to give a link to a blog, so I guess someone from the site might be reading this. IN that case hello yah I would quite like to join because actually, it would be quite fun and actually I dont think anyone in Reading apreciates my style so maybe a little bit of anonamous ego rubber dubbing will be quite nice for me. Or maybe it will just depress me because to be fair no one ever pays any attention to me on those sorts of websites. In actual fact I dont think anyone reads here so I suppose I am just talking to myself. Hello Toby you are looking quite nice today, thank you for saying so you dont look so bad yourself. Tragic.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

I want to believe

Yesterday evening was the private view of the Reading Degree show 2009. It was amazing! I am now so excited for mine, even though Ive got another 2 years to wait. I found it all (or mostly all) rather inspiring, it was really great. Go HERE! to see some stuff on the website. Although really if you live near Reading you should go see it in the flesh, its open next week 10am-4pm.
Since about February or maybe March this year, me and Kieran have been watching the entire X files series, starting from the very start. I guess I was too young the first time round when it was on teleovision, but I must say I am enjoying it very much this time, which I never really thought I would. We're up to series four now, and last night I cried so much when we were watching it. Me and Kieran have a little joke where I am in love with Scully and he totally loves Mulder, and we often have these funny little debates about why the other one is crap and what is so good about our chosen agent. Well its strange because I suppose I have genuinely grown attatched to the character of Scully, because in the episodes we watched last night she found out she has a brain tumour, and I just found it so sad, as if it was one of my friends. Anyway now I am totally depressed. I am sure she'll get better though, after all there are five more series to get through.
Today we're going to a jumble sale which I am totally excited about, I havent been to one in ages. Tonight is a friends birthday which will be fun I am sure. I think we're also going to Yo sushi today, yum yum.
Must go before I flood the bathroom, forgot I was running a bath. xxxx

Friday, 5 June 2009

We should become more adventurous

Ive been doing some screen printing. This is the first screen I've ever made so I am really happy with the results. That picture is crap, but you get the idea. I put it on one of the t shirts I tie dyed earlier in the year in gold, looks so nice. The t shirt goes really well with my new swimming shorts I got yesterday. Theyre like sea blue with flamingoes on them, shit hot!
Last night was really nice. One of my very best friends from home was in Reading visiting. we went for a meal and got very merry on cheap cava. we had a really good chat and catch up and then went dancing. Thats where it all went a bit downhill. Too much vodka and all that. Its ok Im giving up drinking for a few months again.
Today I was feeling terribly rough. went into town and ended up having a panini and cammomile tea in the M&S cafe. Felt a bit sad sitting there by myself surrounded by old folk but it was still nice. Saw some old dears that reminded me of my grandma Pam, which cheered me up. I also went a bit crazy in HMV buying wierd childrens films, including 'Honey we blew up the kid' and Caspar. Im currently watching the live action version of 101 Dalmatians. Its wonderfully bad, just what I needed :)

Monday, 1 June 2009

O hai, exhibiting artist at the V&A yah.

It counts.

My image = middle row 2nd from right. Kierans is the turles next to mine. possible tortoises. or terrapins. you decide. xxxxxxx