Friday, 25 February 2011

Sleep Furiously

Sleep Furiously is a film by Gideon Koppel and I am sort of in love with it, and I will talk more about it another time. And yes, it is full of animals.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I also like horses.

I never meant for this blog to be a game for how many different animals I can fit into one page, but then again, whats wrong with that?
I went to visit a yard today, and saw some really lovely horses and ponies. I always thought that ponies were just baby horses, but now I have learnt that is not right. Anyway I might now have a little bit of a horse obsession. neeeeigh!!!!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Sunday, 20 February 2011


I recently found out that Im super lucky and I didnt even know it. Well not generally super lucky, just super lucky because of where I live, ie a 5 minute walk from one of the nicest museums Ive ever been to!!
I visted a year or so ago because I was in a film that screened there, but at the time I didnt visit the actual museum, and since then I didnt return!
Even  since I moved (into said location, 5 minutes walk from the museum), I still hadn't visited, despite my closeness. However I finally returned last week, thanks to my art department which is organizing an exhibition there.
Well, after all this ramblin' talk I realise I havent even said anything about the meseum; the Museum of English Rural Life - or MERL. Its SO NICE! Its just full of visual display, old tractors and ploughs and carts EVERYWHERE! stacked high to the ceiling! everything is so interesting about it, and it smells nice too. Nothing nicer than the smell of a museum.  Well since Im having one of those mornings where everything I am trying to say is coiming out as five muddled sentences instead of just one, I will just show you some pictures from the museum instead!! Theyre all REALLY bad qual though, need a better camera!!!

Pig tattooing!! Wish my camera was better...

Again, this is a really crap photo and doesnt really capture how nice this display is, which goes all the way to the ceiling.

I even got to play dress up!!!

These strange straw animals were lovely, and reminded me of my BFFs Christmas tree decorations, which are my favourite in the world.

This is probably the best putyourheadinthehole(?) thingy I have ever seen!!!

Probably my favourite part of the museum is the opnions board at the end. Its so interesting to see peoples opinions of the countryside! Especially because the museum is in a town, so I guess alot of the visitors are from towns too. Well Im 100% country and this is exactly how I feel too!!

Well I dont know if this shabby attempt convinced you, but if you live in/near Reading its definately worth a visit. Here is the museums website which probably is better than just looking at this...

Monday, 14 February 2011

Giraffes are nice and so are you.

Last week was fun, coz the vintage society at my university held a vintage fair! Much excitement was had. I havent taken pictures of my vintage buys yet, but here is something I bought there. Among the sellers that came down, ASOS based shop Ease The Squeeze bought a lovely selection of jewellry, along with their vintage rails. I bought this cute little giraffe, it was nice coz they had lots of different sizes so I was able to find rings to fit even my sausage fingers. Other animals include rinos, owls, parrots, and panthers. There was also a wicked cowboy hat. Theyre all available to buy from their online ASOS marketplace shop, and I must say they look even nicer in real life than in the online pictures!! They also have some realllly nice vintage clothes online too, shame theyre so fucking expencive!!! BOOM!!!!!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Never Let Me Go

Well I haven't done any sort of film review (if you could ever call them that, hah) in a while, so I thought that is what I would do today.
So on Friday I watched Never Let Me Go, Mark Romanek's new film, based upon the book by Kazuo Ishiguro and starring Kieran Knightly (Ruth), Andrew Garfield (Tommy) and Carey Mulligan (Kathy). I have to admit I watched it not knowing really anything about the plot, except (at least I thought) that it followed three friends growing up. I think this not knowing caused quite alot of confusion for me at the beginning of the film, as I was presented this vision of nostalgia (the film is set in the 1978, 1985 and 1994 respectively) which seemed to be laced with this underlying futuristic science fiction notion, which was difficult to place until it was plainly explained (In a really wonderful scene with Sally Hawkins as Miss Lucy). I think this not knowing actually helped my experience with the film as it compelled me to keep watching, despite the slow plot, and I think in turn this meant I kept thinking about the film after I'd watched it, when otherwise I think it was possibly quite a forgettable film. I suppose I always enjoy this feeling of underlying secrets and that everything is not as it seems. I think for this reason I wont go too much into the plot here, oks.
Ok, so like I said the film is sort of forgettable and I think after reading a few reviews after watching the film, this seems to be the general census of the critics, however I dont think thats too important in terms of the general enjoyment when watching the film, sometimes its ok just to watch something once and enjoy it and then forget about it. I think maybe the reason for this (and I think its a good thing rather than a bad) is that its a really subtle film, not everything is always shown or revealed plainly, which for some might make for a boring story but for me I think it bought a gengtle poeticness to it which I really liked. Have I contradicted myself much yet? well nevermind I'll carry on.
In terms of acting I thought it was all really good. Kiera didnt annoy me tooo much which is always a good thing, Andrew Garfield was also good but I really find it difficult to watch him without thinking of Sugar Rush - not neccessarily a bad thing. Really the best acting of the film was Carey Mulligan, who I havent really seen in a film (Keep meaning to watch An Education) except Pride and Prejudice, but I dont really remember her in that. I must say I really can understand why there has been such a big fuss about her in the last year or so, she really is lovely, really nice to watch.
I was reading a review in The Big Issue and a quote from it which really amused me was 'Three of Britain's most glamorous film stars spend much of the picture swaddled in dowdy jumpers' - for me I thought the costume design was really lovely. I thought they looked so nice throughout, like how I would like to dress everyday, with a lovely colour pallette which worked rreally well with the sets and landscapes, and general feel of the film.
So I guess this 'review' has been sort of mixed. To sum it up I would say that although generally it is the sort of film I would only watch once, it left many questions in my head which made me continue to think about it. er yeah just as mixed. I guess watch it and we'll talk. The trailer is below but I think it gives WAY TOO MUCH away. like its once of those annoying ones where you're left feeling like youve just watched the whole film in 3 minutes. So I wouldnt watch it before you see it.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Tuesday, 1 February 2011