Sunday, 31 May 2009

bicycle bicycle you're my bicycle

You see sometimes even Reading can be nice.

Well I think so anyway.

Matthew Williamson Woes

Ok right, so arent these like the nicest fucking shoes youve ever seen? I totally hearts them, theyre from Matthew Williamson for H&M and let me tell you theyre like my dreeeeam shoes. theyre metallic green patent with neon green laces, dreeeamy. so nice and only 40 bob which is just lovely. but hey GUESS WHAT! I wore them the other night and they have given me the biggest bastard new-shoe blisters :( owchyyyyy!
I also got these amazing green denim shorts with studs going around the top, theyre sooo nice and i love them, but Im such an idiot because I didnt try em on and of course just my luck theyre toooo big. Oh well, I guess its an excuse to head on back to london. woe. xxxxxx

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Thursday, 28 May 2009


I'm mega excited, tomorrow me and Kieran are going to Flash! at the V&A, its the late museum opening for May. there more information HERE!

Im most looking forward to the swap shop:

Photo Swap Shop
For one night only a rare chance to exhibit your work at the V&A! Contribute one of your own photographs to this display, and win someone else’s at the end of the evening.
Please note photographs cannot be returned to contributors, so only take part in this event if you are happy to part with your photograph.

Right now we're making home made pizza from scratch, and its fresh out the oven so I gotta run fuckers. happy Hanuka. xxxxx

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

still caking it up.

Today's creation. I looooove baking!!! Ive got shit loads of decorating stuff now as well so im starting to get more inventive. I tell you what though I've got a mother of a fucking headache right now. owwww.


Saturday, 23 May 2009

take me to heaven.

I've been in London today with my good good friend, mostly to see Sister act the musical. WOW its sooo good. now I love the films so so so much and whoopi is like my hero, but Ive never really been a musical type person. but yay i loved it! the songs are so good and the set is amazing. its so funny as well. brilliant <3 definately reccomend anyone and everyone to go go go to see it.


edit: the picture above is a little something i photoshop'D to get us in the mood, hah i love it. xx

Thursday, 21 May 2009

The fruits of my labour



Finally getting to make my cake. BAKING SEASON BEGINS!!! today Im making a simple jam victoria, but im going to decorate the top to add a bit of fun. Im planning of doing alot of baking in the coming weeks: cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, bread, cookies. i cant wait <3
pics of the glorious sponge a coming soon. xxxx

Monday, 18 May 2009

Im pretty much just waiting for something interesting to happen.

Today I was mostly just travelling back to Reading. I had some sushi and got caught in a rainstorm and picked up my glasses. nothing exciting at all! no good! coming up this week i have a group critique of my final assessment work, and im going to be making cakes at some point. tonight we're going out to celebrate two friends birthdays. (hence cakemaking). I guess I will have to come back when something good happens. oh by the way here is my record player.

sorry for boring you fuckers xxxxxxxx

Saturday, 16 May 2009

well what the fuck.


stay tuned, fuckers. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 10 May 2009

You need a little bit of this medicine, Mamas gonna give you some medicine

basically its well nice to be home because I have rediscovered my beautiful record player. OH I LOVE IT SO. its one of those hot little vintage ones that has speakers built in. you know it sort of ones that loook a bit like a suitcase until you open it up and BAM theres a cute little record player right there ready to go. Ive been listening to Bowie and Adam and the Ants and all the other songs that make me happy. Right now ive got The Medicine Song playing. I dont really know what it is but its making me want to dance. Oh the joys of summer. Oh also its the cutest story how I got my record player: I saw it in the window of this cool vintage shop, and I was like oh wow cool, telling everyone about it. Then one day I went past the shop and it had gone and I was like boo hoo, oh no sad face etc... However a few days later it was my birthday and my dad had gone and bought it for me for it. oh wow yippeeeeee happy face.

(its pretty much the same as the picture, but not quite. I'll change it with a picture of my actual record player when I get back to reading and can upload pictures).

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

check out this fuckery!

Seems like I aint the only one to ever have fucked up thier hair with a pair of scissors and a bottle of cheap red dye. George clooney once had the exact same hair!!!!! haha i fucking love it. happy i dont have hair like this anymore, although all this fuckery has made me miss it just a touch. haha das all.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

If you wanna be somebody.

what glorious weather we have been having. Yesterday me and Kieran took a trip to Bournemouth to visit a friend I havent seen in nearly a year. It was so nice, lovely weather and so good to see her after all this time. The good weather is continuing today which is nice because we've got a barbeque planned for later. This morning Ive been sanding down the second table and giving it a varnish, and then me and Kieran played badminton for a while ion the garden. We've got a competition coming up next week when we go to centrparcs (yay!) so we need to get our practice in. Now Im watching Sister Act 2, woop woop. We're going to watch Airheads later, fun fun fun. oh happy days. das alllllll.