Friday, 30 April 2010

My favourite colour is fluorescent beige

I'm probably the last person in the entire world to blog about this, but I just watched PRECIOUS and I just wanted to talk about it, OK?
Its completely strange because for some reason this film has managed to slip through the UK mostly unoticed. Im pretty sure it had limited release at cinemas, and there definiately was not much press about it except in magazines like Dazed.
You know, I have to say I pretty much loved it. Despite feeling completely drained emotionally after it. I also had to pause a few times for a little break. Gabourey Sidibe is totally outstanding as the lead (and deffo should have won the oscar. Its so rare that these types of performances come about, why did they give it to vanilla old Sandra? I still love miss congeniality though but anyway i digress) and Mo'Nique absolutely deserved all the attention her role gained her. Did she actually win every single award she was nominated for? I think its a shame that Paula Patton wasnt nominated for any awards as her role, especially when Mariah Carey was for her teeny tiny part. I also loved all of the girls in Precious' class, especially Joann, whose style is just AWESOME.
Anyway Im starting to feel like Im not saying anything new about this, so Im just gonna leave you with the trailer and urge you to watch if you havent seen already. ALSO the soundtrack is awesommme.

Monday, 26 April 2010


ISNT IT FUNNY how by the end of last summer, all I wanted was for it to be over so I could wear more clothes, but now we're on the cusp of sunshine all I want is to wear as little as possible...
YES! I will admit to being one of those annoying people who put on shorts at the first sight of the sun, even in (as I keep having to remind myself it is) mid April. But hey, I like to think Im doing it with style!
ANYWAY ANYWAY ANYWAY all of last year I was hunting for the perfect summer sandal. I came close to it with the jelly shoe revelation, but never quite found them. And while I will admit that I am still looking for The Ones, I have found some pretty nice ASOS ones which will suit me just fine until I find them!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Catspring 2010!!!!

Basically this is something I TOTALLY co-sign.
Laia over at Geometricsleep has totally gone all out for Catspring and I LOVE IT. Her Tumblr has turned into a magical journey of all things feline related.
Of course it all began with this...
You know, I totally used to be totally obsessed with cats and everything about them. I mean I stll am but not in the same way I guess. My cat Squiffy is still my BFFAE and my life partner though. Anyway this has totally revivied it. YAY!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

They grew down the river, all bloody and wild

Hai. Listen I know I keep saying it but I  really do feel bad about my lack of posting. And the last post totally doesnt even count, yuck just ignore that. Long story. ANYWAY I know not many people read this little bloggy and I know even less follow it (but I love every single one of you!) (PS if you dont follow, please do. just click the little button or follow me on bloglovin'. I think it will make me feel more encouraged to write more) anyway what was I saying? Yeah basically I have been so busy with work and making films and editing and exhibitions etc etc etc. Year assesments are basically in two weeks, arghhh.

Anyway isnt the sun sooo nice right now? Ive had so many BBQs already. Its so funny how obsessed everyone in England is about barbeques, but seriously WHAT IS BETTER? I think its the only thing that is stereotypically British about me...

OK just so this post isnt boring and just full of ramblings....

Latest exhibition in collaboration with my studio group. I think it looks so awesome! My work is the skull/books/skull on the plinth. Right in fthe front, naturally.
The books were based on a classmates work on dreams and stuff. Ill get pictures up of the insides soon. The front cover has a quote from The Cat with Hands on the front!
|Still from my latest film, sort of Ophelia/ Where theWild Roses Grow based motif. Instead of playing a dead girl with bugs and animals crawling all over her, the idea was she was the last living thing on earth - all the animals and bugs are dead on her, while she lives on...
Who knew UoR could be so pretty. There was this really creepy heron watching us all the time we were filming...

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I needs help?

I needs help? I has problem? Yes. Yes I does.

 K, say hai to my magazine collection. Isnt it pretty?
Yup, pretty much my most major obessesion with fashion is the magazines. I think I get about 5 a month at the moment, I keep discovering new ones I just gotta buyyy. Theres still so many more from this season I havent got yet either (Fantastic Man, The Gentlewoman, Lula, Man about town, Arena Homme +...) so it will probably be growing even more in the coming weeks. This lot doesnt include my 2 years worth of subscriptions to Harper's Baazar and the Elles I buy reguarly coz to be honest they go straight onto my cutting pile. I used to cut up all of them (some of my early vogues are in tatters :( im sad to say!) but now I keep them all pristine and have done so for the last 2 and a bit years. But the Elles and Harpers pretty much cure my craving to cut out all the pretty pictures. Well sometimes.
The pile on the left is sort of my mis match pile, with the one off magazines Ive bought etc. Well it started off as my TANK pile but now they have that new ring bound format that doesnt stack so nicely so I keep those on my bookshelf now. From bottom to top: Interview June/July 09, Hercules issue 05 (probs s/s 09 I think), 5 TANKs (Volume 5 I think but i  dunno the numbers and cant be bothered to pull them out to look right now haha), Another magazine issues 17&18, SUPERSUPER # 18, Man About Town =05 A/W09, GQ Style 10, 10 Men (yuck, the worst magazine I ever bought) S/S'10, Fantastic Man Winter 09, Elle Collections s/s'10 (I usually cut these up too, but this seasons was amaazin), WAD #44 (got it in Paris), Flux - The Hysterical Issue, Lula F/W 09, Vogue Hommes International 11, Bon International (one of my favourites of all time) s/s'10, Jalouse Avril 2010...
The pile on the right is a bit more organised! Wonderland magazine May 2008- Feb/March 2010 (I need to get this months - carey Mulligan is on the cover looking sweeet), Love issue 1-3, Arena Homme + S/S 08- A/W 09, Another Man s/s 09-s/s 10, Pop 19-22 (both covers of issue 21).
Left: i-D May 2008 - Spring 2010. Im missing issues 288 and 293. CAN YOU HELP WITH THIS? Above the i-Ds: Dazed and Confused Vol II # 62-84... Im missing 64 and 66 and my #78 (october 09) got stolen and was my favourite ever so PLEASE if anyoine has this and you dont want it, EMAIL ME!!!!!!!

Right: Vogue September 07-May 2010. easy!


Monday, 12 April 2010

Everythings taken its toll...

Hello Hello. I thought I'd have a little break from my essay and come over here. Just a quick post though because I cant stay away from the essay long - You all know how much i LOVE THEM... haha. Seriously though I have been such a busy bunny this easter, as always. Im looking forward to finishing the essay (hopefully tonight) so I can just have a little rest.
ANYWAY N E WAY NEWY, What I am most looking forward to at the moment is seeing BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB on wednesday THURSDAY! Who else is going? see you there?
I am obsessed with this song off of thier new record.

I sure hope they play it wednesday. Im also hoping for songs from Howl, i love thier acoustic stuffs the most.

The title track from thier new record is pretty killer too, i dig this video:

Friday, 9 April 2010

The cat with hands

My friend just alerted me to the attention of this fucking wonderful short film by Robert Morgan.
It combines stop motion and live action to eerie and beautiful effect. I fucking love it! Not only does it sit perfectly with my ideal aesthetic, it also suits my current obsession with stop motion!

Below is also the pilot of the film, which is completely stop motion. It was used to describe the atmosphere of the piece of financiers... looks like it did the job!

Afer youtubing Robert Morgan I realised I'd seen one of his films, Monsters, before on some short film progrmme. I cant remember which. Watch it Here.

Below is Robert Morgan's showreel. Check out his Youtube channel HERE for morrre.

PS sorry for my lack of posts this week...

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Films about Ghosts

This is just a collection of photographs I've taken in the last few months. Most of them have a story behind them, but its more fun if I let you make that up for yourself...