Wednesday, 30 September 2009


O HAY A D-I-Y UPDATE! well the tape fully came off in the washing machine (duh obviously), however it doesnt matter coz im still super happy with em. basically the yellow thread in them didnt dye so now they have sick yellow seams all around the ass and crotch area, fun fun fun!!!

This picture cracks me up ^^^

Jeans: D-I-Y Dye'D - originally H&M, Top: Crazy vintage theatre costume, Boots: Roberto Botella, Neckscarf: Vintage, Necklace: H&M

Hey, beautiful location, right? Reading Suxx.


Check out these mad ass boots I got from TK MAXX today... YAY. I was proper in the mood for buying something so I was way happy when I found them. Aparently they are Roberto Botella, but I aint neva heard of that yo. But that doesnt matter to me, I just mad like em.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

A few things and some DIY l.o.v.e

First of all, check out my war wounds from yesterdays day of filming in a field. I had to do this wierd thrashy conceptual dance. I got totally into it and this is the outcome. My whole body is also pretty much killing me today. motherfuck!

Here are some accessories I wore today.

Rabbit necklace: vintage christmas decoration, Shark Badge: From London Aquarium, Panda: Fingerpuppet, gift, worn in pocket, neckscarf: vintage, T shirt and red courdroy shirt: Both charity shop/vintage.

Lastly, Im doing osme DIY shit AS WE SPEAK. Ya see these yellow skinny trousers?

well I havent worn them in forever, not for like 3 years or somehting, so I thought it was to update them. Basically I dont know if it will work but it will all be fun either way. What Ive done is ive marked two stipes down each side with brown parcel tape.
I then bought some black dylon washing machine fabric dye, and hopefully the tape will be strong enough so that once theyve been dyed I will have a shiney new pair of black skinny jeans complete with rad yellow side stripes. they are in the washing machine as i type... results later...

Saturday, 26 September 2009



I freaking love the Sibling Knitwear collection. like srsly. These breton stripe jumpers were a collab with artist Noah Scalin and I just diiiie for them.

This cricket jumper is completely sequined over. amazing!
And this is like the main piece of the collection... a FUCKING KNITTED DENIM JACKET!!!! INFUCKINGSANE!!!!!!!!!!!


All images were completely and totally stolen from Style Bubble. Sorry Susie but I had like a brain fuck and needed to get them out there.

O Hai McQueen SS10

Y'know Im still yet to witness one of these live stream runways (I know Viktor and Rolf, Micheal Kors and Gareth Pugh have done them in the past), so I think its about time I made the effort to catch one. This season Alexander McQueen will be streaming his SS10 show live on October 6th, 20:15 Paris time.... OK I have no idea what time this will be in the UK. ah you see this is why I keep missing them. Damn my unworldy time difference knowledge. Someone plz tell me the paris-london time difference? Anyways youll be able to watch here:

fun fun fun

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Fashion Vs Art

Yesterday it so happened I was forced to choose between two of my lifes loves, art and fashion. Yesterday was the one LFW event I had been able to get an invite for. I had also been invited by one of my fine art tutors, Susanne Clausen, to be an extra/performer in a new film project she was making.
In the end I decided to go with the latter. I think Ive pretty much bogged myself down with as much fashion as I can get in the last few weeks so I thought it would be a refreshing change. Im pretty sure I made the right choice. So far filming has been a good experience. Hard work - and Ive got the scrapes and aches to prove it - but rewarding and a good experience. And althought Im not completly sure in my head about the concept of the piece, it is slowly coming together in my head and I can really get into it. Costumes have been made by another of my tutors, Christine Ellison (aka Polly Fibre), and theyre pretty sweet. sort of like long simple tunics in various colours, bright neon aprons, and (my favourite part of the outfit) metallic skull caps with ear flaps. I took a few pictures today, ill try and get some more tomorrow. you get the picture.
Siobhan is also involved in the project.

Check out the Szuper Gallery website for other video projects by Susanne and Pawlo.

Sunday, 20 September 2009


true story.

Ive moved back to Reading for the start of a brand shiney new term. fun fun fun except ive had to do a total room switch around due to the fact I have too many magazines to fit onto my bookshelf... at least I can put my actual books back onto it now. I have stacked the mags on my desk. It is to become a drink free zone from now on, I have had too many spills on this desk and I dont think my conde nast could handle it. ALSO I have a few reviews to do once Ive bought a new scanner. AnOther, Dazed and vintage 1988 i-D. fuuuuun.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Dont it feel like a punch in the face

when you see shit like THIS!!! FUCKING THIS!!!!!

fucking Perez Hilton at the Marc Jacobs show.... OK I know i pretty much hated the collection but ONE. Why was I not there. TWO. Why was I not there but this piece of gross was. THREE. Why was I not there but this piece of gross was wearing THIS! EUGH!

This has really made me NOT HAPPY.

Ok it is my fault for resorting to the 'front row' shots on I JUST DONT WANT IT TO BE OVER!!!!

Rather Ripped...

HEY! did anyone else think this model in the Rodarte show just had like KILLER Action (wo)Man abs???

No? Just me then... Anyway, three cheers for detail shots..


oh and you know I couldnt just put that in the title of this post and then not hit you with some SY...

this is pretty much how I feel about the collection. Oh isnt Kim a Rodarte fan? Im sure quotes her in the show review.... this is a coincidence I swears!!!!

Thursday, 17 September 2009


I dont know why this has taken me so long. However its worth the wait, here be some good shit.

3.1 Phillip Lim (OH YEAH!!!!!)

Proenza Schouler

Alexandre Herchovitch (I know... RTW!!!!!!!!! woo!!!)

Narciso Rodriguez

Rodarte (!!!!)

Temperley London
Vera Wang

Helmut Lang (check the shoes!!!!)... pretty much in l.o.v.e

(This next picture made me laugh so much when I saw it. HER FACE!!! BA HA!!!!)

(hey its that Ranya girl from LOVE!)
Marc Jacobs (didnt anyone else h.a.t.e this collection??? yuck!) oh wells... these are ok

well actually this makes up for the bad show: yum!

so NY is over and LDN begins!! here is me hoping I get into some London shows... hah....