Sunday, 30 May 2010

Well this is embarrassing...

Its also pretty funny though so Im gonna post it here anyway...

Kieran just found this video someone took from when we went to see BRMC a few months ago. Because of the Icelandic volcano their equipment got lost and we had to wait ages for them to let us in while they sorted out new stuff theyd borrowed from somewhere. It was really cool though coz Robert came out and played a couple of impromtu songs for the waiting crowd.
NOW HERES THE THING. I am starting to get really pissed off with gigs and all the people continuously taking picures the whole time. SERIOUSLY ITS SO ANNOYING, you can never just watch a band anymore, I always feel like Im just watching through someone elses fucking iphone screen or whatever. AND HERE IS WHY I HATE IT! DAMN FOOLS FILM ME LIKE SOME CCTV SHIT! Skip to the 2.55 mark to see me in the crowd making the biggest fool of myself... You see he sort of walked up and down and anytime he walked past me for some reason I just got the giggles. IM A NERVOUS GIGGLER OK! It was quite funny though, he had his eyes closed and everything. So yeah, enjoy that shit, its pretty funny. I pretty much died when kieran showed me just now...

OH and FYI the song he plays is RIFLES and it is fucking wonderful.

I love you all.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Anthony Goicolea

You know there is nothing better than stumbling across an amazing artist with work which you seem to connect to instantly. Anthony Goicolea is the sort of artist I feel like I should have known about years ago, but now that I have discovered his work it feels like finding treasure or something. Or more like going into an antique shop and seeing the most wonderful old tea set that has been around for years and years slowly progressing on its lifetime journey until it finds you.
Or something like that.
Since finding his work a few hours ago (I know, I know) it seems to me he's best known for his self portrait tableaus such as the Detention series (2001-02), which takes heavy influences from Cindy Sherman (who I also love FYI). However my favourite series (so far) has to be the magical Septemberists (2006) series. It is just wonderful.

Monday, 24 May 2010


WOW I HAVENT TALKED ABOUT PEACHES IN FOREVER. You know I met her once and it was really cool but really embarrassing ebcause I think I am just the most unsubtle person ever, but then that same day I saw her play and it was TOO FUCKING AWESOME. Anyway if you have never been to a Peaches show before you just totally have to.
As part of the Creators Project theres a totally totally awesome interview fresh on the interwebs. When she talks she makes me want to create something amazing and then BURN IT! Like totally in a good way. The best bit is when shes talking about technology and all the cool things she does on stage. IT BLOWZ MY BRAINZ.
The Creators project is this awesome new online space which brings together all this amazing creative energy from around the world, cuts out all the shit and then presents it for us at our own convenience, mainly in video form, on their website HERE. Its a really exciting place, bookmark that shit.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Secret Museum

Here comes some amazing images direct from one of my absolute favorite blogs on the interwebs MORBID ANATOMY. The creator of the blog, Joanna Ebenstein has travelled the world in search of "obscure medical museums, cabinets of curiosity, dusty natural history museums, privately-held cabinets, untouched collections, and idiosyncratic assemblages of all sorts, front-stage and back, public and private", in other words fucking amazing shit yo.
These images are currently being shown at a new exhibition The Secret Museum, at the Observatory, Brooklyn, running til June 6th. If youre in NY right now I says GO GO GO.
You can see all the images at the Morbid Anatomy flickr HERE.  Theres also a few below but I didnt wanna put too many here. All images © Joanna Ebenstein.
 Really amazing.

Friday, 21 May 2010

150 Years of Art at Reading

Hey look! Its all my crew (I dunno) in an awesome picture for 150 years of art at Reading!!!! Im not in it because I had stupid BS work and missed it, boooo. Anyway its really awesome and I love my department lots and lots. Heres a video featuring the head of fine art at reading, Alun Rowlands. teehee.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Koppaberg Klash

Basically this is a really fucking awesome competition for anyone who makes films, fashion music or photography. First prize for each category is £1000 and an internship with VICE. GOOD SHIT. Im entering my latest film so thats fun too, isnt it. Find out how to enter, and view the entries HERE.

Delicious Mr Dean

Guess what! Yesterday I found a new house! Well, actually it's a maisonette, but whatevs its amazing. And it means BASICALLY I am finally able to let my KITCHEN DREAMS run WILD.
I don't know if Ive ever mentioned it, but basically I am obsessed with kitchen utensils. Maybe this is actually a serious problem, I don't know. All I know is I cant wait to make my new kitchen into a beautiful work of art.
I sort of remind myself of this kid Sylvie from this really wierd film I saw once called You Me and Everyone We Know by Miranda July. Ive seen it twice now and I still can't decide whether I really liked it or really hated it. Know what I mean? Anyway this little girl in it has collected all these kitchen utensils and house stuff ready for when she gets married. And Im totally like that right now, a big box full of new house stuff.
I think it might now just be because I totally want to be Sophie Dahl in her Delicious Miss Dahl kitchen...
so nice.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Bird Love

Here are some stills from the most amazing and hilarious film EVER made by the amazing Char and Emily for this exhibition HERE. Im still naggerizing them for the video on vimeo or something because so far its just on Facebook and thats no good for anyone is it. All the costumes were by Char and all masks made by Emily, and they are also the stars of the show. These screen shots are proper bad quality, but as soon as I can I'll put it here because its beyond words. Bird wedding anyone?

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

When you sneeze they say JESUS!

WOOPS. Sort of broke my promise there didnt I? O well, only a day late...
Well I thought I'd show you a few pictures from my vaycay in Espana as my first post back. it feels like FOREVZ since I last blogged!
I can't remember if Ive blogged about it before (I probably have since I love talking about myself so much), but Im pretty much obsessed with collecting religious merchandise. It all started with a very plastic nativity set I bought from a jumble sale when I was like 13 or something, and it grew from there. With the love and support of my BFF Beatriz, and SOMETIMES Eliza too, Ive collected everything from glass virgin marys to Jesus playing cards.
For me, its not about them being religious and its not even like an ironic thing or anything, mainly its just because its all SO NICE to look at. Ive got some bracelets and stuff that are so pretty. Anyway, its cool coz countries like Spain are proper into thier iconography (Bea has sent me so much from there) so I was excited about finding some for myself. I hit a jackpot!!!
OK so aparently these sort of things are like, ALL OVER Spain, but it still felt like a little secret place wen I stumbled acvross it (Actually I went past it on a bus and then made Kieran hike up a massive hill with me to find it again...). Literally something like this COULD NOT EXIST in England. We love to smash things.
Jesus sorta creeped me a BIT, but Mary has always been one of my favourite religous characters so I thought she was just LOVELY. and how amazing to encorperate two of my favourite things: religious imagary, and WAX WORK MODELS!!!! (well, they probably werent wax...).
We snuck round the back to see if there was a door to get inside so I could take better pictures, but instead we were greeted with THIS! For me it felt like discovering 30 strangers' secrets all at once.
Just lovely.

Sunday, 16 May 2010



Saturday, 8 May 2010

away in a manger

YO. Hello. Basically I'm on my Vay-Cay so expect a week long VOID. I love you all. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 7 May 2010

Just like honey...

Inspired by a most wonderful gift from my BFF in Spain, I set about making a felt sugar skull badge.
OK This is the first attempt and I guess its pretty shoddy, but I still sorta love it. I think the next one will be even better though and next time I think I will make a design/pattern instead of just blindly sewing. Thats my life though, isnt it?
Don't even talk to me about the wonky mouth. GO WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He gets on great with all the other skull friends. I was gonna make some sort of pun, but all I could think of was BONING, and no one wants that in their eye socket...

I know, its MASSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Man About Town Spring/Summer 10

Yup, the collection keeps growing.
The latest additions to my growing pile of printed paper loveliness include (finally!) The Gentlewoman and this season's Arena Homme + (Which continues to be my favourite biannual. If not just my favourite magazine full stop). I also happened upon the new Man About Town - who knew Reading WHSmith could be such a fucking GOLD MINE? (seriously, I usually have to lug all these back from London, so it was so exciting to find them all. Rumour is it (according to Arianne, so we know who to blame if its a lie) theres also Fantastic Man there too, but I didnt see it when I was there. anywayanywayanyway I distract!).
I must admit this is only my second time buying Man About Town, the (first being last season), but I fully intend to keep on buyin', I LOVE it.
I love the typography, and the paper they use smells lovely and is that nice sort of uncoated paper often found in Pop magazine pull outs (know what I mean?). Last season also had a glossy editorial in the centre but this issue is all soft and papery goodness throughout (I really couldnt work out how to articulate that sentence?).
Anyway enough of my stilted vocabularic mumblings (woop for new words, muthafuckers), here are some of my favourite pages...

I know the images are awful.Two words: deal with it.

Heres a video of cover star Aaron Johnson.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Grab the shovel, Harold.

Oh hey, look! Its Arianne dressed as Maude!!This was also part of the exhibition, where Arianne did a Maude inspired speech for the fake funeral of a friend.
She also had her hair up in the Maude plaits but she took it out before I got a chance to harass her for a picture.
I mostly love the liberty print bird dress. Sooo nice.
"I used to break into pet shops to liberate the canaries, but I decided thats an idea way before its time... Zoos are full, prisons are overflowing... oh my how the world so dearly loves a cage".