Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Rude Snood 'tude.

I don't exactly know what kind of animal the ears on my new snood are supposed to represent, however I do know that I feel like a less huggable Carol from Where the Wild Things Are when I wear it, and this makes me happy happy happy. I got it from work (Its from the childrens collection, of course) and so far I havent been brave enough to wear it on the streets of Reading. Probably when it gets colder and everyone is in stupid hats anyway. Yay!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Yes, I'm a Witch.

Seems like this season is all about the details...

And the shoes:

Marios Schwab Spring 2011 details. LOVE.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Curl up and dye

Prada detail shots from Spring 2011 - I love the shit out of these shoes and accessories.

Soooooo fetch. Fuck I'm late for work.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Charlie Le Mindu.

To be honest, I have totally been neglecting all the RTW shows that have been happening in the last few weeks. I don't know if Im just feeling a bit saturated right now,  but I just feel like I don't want to look at it. Plus everything I've seen so far has been mega dull. I mean usually it takes me a few months to digest the season and often it's the collections I originally ignored which end up being my favourites. To be honest Im SUCH a magazine freak, its usually not til I see the collections on glorious glossy paper that I start to fully apreciate them. I don't really know what this means, and I don't think I care either.
Anyway, the only collection I've really looked twice at so far is Charlie Le Mindu. No, not because of THIS (was so strange searching for images from the daily mail website for this post?) because you know theres always SOMETHING at fashion week where like most people who dont follow fashion or whatever are like omg, but really it is nothing for those that KNOW. I mean, remember the last look in Hussain Chalayan's Spring 2007 collection? Yeah seen it before, we already know. Its the same as how in yesterdays metro there was all these pictures from Madrid FW and also Giles Deacon's show, all this fuss about how they'd used (shockingly) models who were SO NOT 20 !! Its sorta so funny. I mean theres a reason why Giles sent Veruschka down the runway LAST - to get a reaction, and thats what he got.
Anyway I am babbling and thats not what this post was supposed to be about. Basically when I get bored of fashion like this, all I need is a little perking up with something fun, and I think thats what we got with Charlie Le Mindu. I just think he's pretty cool ok. And ok so the collection is nothing amaze (sorta like... oh a body! oh another body! oh look! no body just her body!!) its nice to look at. OK???

Monday, 20 September 2010

Dream senario

I really really really really really miss my cat :(

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Friday, 17 September 2010

Bat shit crazy.

Just been in Brighton for the week for a bit of  a holiday, catching the last dreggs of summer. I love Brighton for many reasons, one of the main reasons being I seem to find something new each time I'm there. This time I really hit the jackpot as I had a friend who lives there that could show me around a bit more than Ive ventured to before.
The main thing I learnt is that the vintage shops there are MORE AMAZING THAN I CAN ACTUALLY BELIEVE. Like totally blow my brains Im dead kinda thing? You know what I mean. It really was so exciting but also painful since Im broke as a joke and didnt actually buy ANYTHING!!! FML!!
To be honest the only thing I actually bought all week (literally!) was this amazing joke halloween polkadot bow tie shaped like a bat!!! I actually love it. And for £1.50 I have no complaintz. Anyways, its nice to be back. Have you seen the new issue of the Gentlewoman? it is perfection xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Dreams all made real...

OHMAGAAD! Totally going to the Fever Ray gig tonight in Brixton. Im so excited I think I could probably be sick all over my laptop. gaaaahhhhhhh!!!
The image above comes direct from the brand new Dazed Digital site, which is the most insane thing ever, its so good! I mean it has always been consistant with great articles and the such like anyways, but now it feels like it ties in a lot more with the magazine, and actually is probably the most succesful magazine style website, I would say...
Anyway what makes it even more great is THIS cool Fever Ray interview and mix tape that was featured as part of the sites new launch. I love all the images and it got me even more super excited for tonights show. Oh its going to be so fucking good I can just TELL!!!

All images via Dazed Digital

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Friday, 3 September 2010

I like the way animals hang out in the trash and parking lots.

By now you've probably all seen the new Proenza Schouler film by Harmony Korine, coz its pretty much all over the place, and for good reason - I HEART IT. I am such a sucker for anything even resembling lo-fi cut and paste creations, and I just love the aesthetic feeling the video portrays. I think it really compliments the clothes and Jack and Lazrio were really clever and cool to do it for this season. I also love the narration... Ive used narration a bit like this in my own work when making a film a year or so ago, and its something Im definately going to use again. Seeing this has just inspired me further, ya know.
As it goes, Ive seen both positive and negative reviews of it. It seems majorly that all the fashion blogs dig it, but alot of other people are all 'Same old HK shit'. I guess for me I cant (and dont like to) compare it to any of his other films since Ive only seen Kids - which by the way I hate. Anyway for me its like this: if I like something I like it and I dont really care about much else.
Seeing it also reminded me of an interview I read months ago (I think in LULA?) with Rachel Korine (his wife yo) about his then upcoming film TRASH HUMPERS which looks ACTUALLY INSANE!!! I just saw that its already pretty much been and gone in terms of screenings - a few at the end of september in London - but the good news is you can buy it very soon on DVD and VHS!! amazing.
I literally actually have no idea what its about or anything, Im thinking its very much in keeping with the sort of narrative-less stories (oxymoronic?) he has made before. Once again it has that lofi look of being filmed on an old video camera (maybe it was? would be cool), which gives it such a creepy feel... or rather I should say it gives it an EVEN MORE creepy feel. seriously just watch the trailer for reals because its just one of those things. Im rather looking forward to seeing it even though I think I will probably freak out. In the best way of course.

I dont even know...

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Shake yr whammy fanny funky song funky song

I fucking love how GRUNGE Sabrina is in the original TV film of Sabrina the Teenage Witch...

Just an observation.