Saturday, 30 April 2011

Unable to love each other, the English turn naturally to dogs.

Yesterday was truly beautiful, wasn't it?
Maybe I need to sort my priorities out, but there were so many nice dogs around yesterday. I wish Id taken a better picture of the one the woman is holding, it looked sort of like a giant guinea pig!! So nice!!

Speaking of dogs, I watched a most wonderful film today - My Dog Tulip, based on the writings of J R Ackerley. What a wonderful story, completey perfectly fitting in with everything I am working on at the moment, a story of friendship, love and loss, as well as a strange and beautiful outlook on the world through the eyes of man and dog. So lovely. And funny. And gross. And really great animation too.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

APC: Human Maypole!!!

May Day is coming, and I don't think theres anyone in the whole world who is more excited about this than Arianne!!!! One day I am pretty sure she is going to explode into a ball of folky ribbony gypsy smoke...
These pictures are from a small and impromptu group exhibition we took part in yesterday. The walls of our studio have been removed and we are adapting to the new and amazing space which has been created as a result!!!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

First Pets - Now for sale!!

Hi! I made a book!
It's called First Pets and now you can buy your very own copy! I only have 25 copies available at the moment so you better be quick!!
 FIRST PETS  is a 32 page full colour book, in which I create an intimate portrait of a group of friend's and family member's pets through poetic texts and images. It focuses on the relationships between humans and animals, life and death, love and heartbreak.

Please use the button below to order your copy!

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*Please note! I also have some copies available for cash (£$£) at £6 each, so if you know me and I don't need to post it, email me and we will arrange it!*

Monday, 18 April 2011


Hello, yes its another post where I talk about Harold and Maude.
Although sort of not so I don't feel bad about repeating myself. But it is the best so i don't care, I will talk about it as much as I want thank you.
Anyway what I am trying to say is I was very moved by this Harold and Maude inspired fashion story in the May Dazed, with photography by Ben Toms and styling by Robbie Spencer.
There were many elements of the film which could have been introduced into the story, and I think some are sorted hinted at - a raised brow and vague expression, or slight look of mischeif - but I think mainly it focuses on the real tenderness between the two protaganists. So beautiful, so wonderful. And definately captures the essence of the wonderful fashion seen in the film. I like, I like.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth will never not be my favourite place on earth. One visit a year is enough though.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Seamus Murphy for PJ Harvey

Seamus Murphy has created a video for each of the songs on PJ Harvey's new album and I think the collaboration is so wonderful and so perfect it has brought a completely new element to Let England Shake which makes me love it even more. There is so much beautiful imagary cut and pasted into each film, with such a tender quality, I feel I can completely understand his eye and why each shot was chosen.
So far The Colour of the Earth (above) is my favourite of the films, I love the awkwardness of the opening shot, and then all of the shots of the animals - both alive and dead - speak to me in many different ways. So far 8 of the 12 are available to view through PJ's youtube, and Im sure the rest will follow shortly. There is an interview with Murphy on the AnOther website, while you can view some of his photography from recent exhibition A Darkness Visible: Afghanistan here.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Monday, 4 April 2011


Well, you may or may not have noticed my recent header change (probs not) but if you did, theres a very good reason!! Its because my blog is now linked to my wonderful shiney new website!!! yay!!!

You can see the magic HERE, its basically just a portfolio for all  my work and exhibitions and stuff. If you like what you see please give me a little comment or email   - I wanna hear from you!!!

My website was built by the wonderful AUSTIN DESIGN, who also made my last header for me. I designed the site with them, gave them all the content and they did the rest. simple! Do check them out, I reccomend them!!!! My favourite part of the site is probably the intro page... cant.stop.refreshing...

ANYWAY! This is the most excitement I've had in ages!!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Missing cat?

This appeared taped to the wall outside our mailboxes this morning. Usually when I see a 'missing cat' poster it fills me with the sads, but I have to admit I had a little giggle when I saw this. Firstly because its written by Maria - the little girl who lives next door, yup, the girl from the cat invite. Secondly because they dont have a cat, and nor does anyone else in our block... but it seems like she's written the note on behalf of someone who may possibly have a cat who is at the vet (which is next door) but might have escaped from the vet and would thus become a missing cat? I also find it strange that they found the cat, decided it came from the vet, but instead of taking it back to the vet left it, and then it went missing? or maybe it went missing while they were still making the poster. Or maybe they meant they saw it and presumed it must be a missing cat.  Anyway its pretty strange. I also think they need to decide if the cat was brown or black.
Actually the amount of missing cat posters I see around here... who knows where it was from or whos it was :(

Anyway, I guess its pretty sweet. I also like how the cat was crying.
Well i don't like that it was crying but you know what I mean.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Cat party?

I was kinda scared to post today, being April fools day and all that, I didnt know how seriously I would be taken... Anyway I couldn't really think of any jokes and no one cares anyway. I tried to set Kieran's homepage to lady gaga's website, but I even failed at that since I couldn't remember how to do it. Anyway this is boring.

I found this party invitation in the path near my house, so nice! Definately the sort of party I would like to be invited to. I feel sort of bad that Maria lost her invite. I also have a suspision that its the little girl who lives next door? If I was a better person I would put it through her letter box. Instead I've put it in my scrapbook. Oops.